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Quality and the environment:                              


ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems: The quality policy is a formal statement from management, closely linked to the business and marketing plan and to customer needs.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems: International norm that defines a process to control and improve the environmental performance of an organization.


Confialis Certificate Seal : The Data Protection Certificate is obtained once CONFIALIS has carried out the adapting to the Data Protection Enabling Act (DPEA), Royal Decree on Security Measures (RSM), Information Society Service Act (ISSA) and Sectorial Codes, and the compliance with the law has been confirmed.


Maximum classification like contractors of the state:



         Group V, subgroup 03, category D.

         Group V, subgroup 05, category D.



         Group I, subgroup 07, category E.

         Group I, subgroup 09, category E.


Authorized to work with: